The principles of church membership are clearly seen throughout Scripture. Every believer is called to belong to a local body of believers for the purpose of encouragement, instruction, accountability, and works of ministry. Furthermore, Scripture confirms that God's grace has gifted all believers to aid the local church in studying, showing, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and those gifts are to be exercised in a local body of believers.

At FBC Holly Pond membership is a very serious matter. We strive to carry out our convictions by offering a class called The Doctrines of Church Membership. This course is designed for members and non-members who desire to know more about what the Bible says in regards to the requirements, reality, reasons, and responsibilities of church membership. This class in no way obligates you to church membership, but serves as an extended time of counsel for those who wish to join and provides an opportunity for the church to gather contact information and other essential details.

To join this class, simply make your wishes known by calling the church office, emailing our pastor at, or by coming forward during the time of response at the end of any service.