D2 Groups

What is a D2 Group?
D2 Groups are an additional Sunday evening ministry that will aid in making disciples who make disciples. It is called a D2 Group because the two primary purposes of the group are discipleship and duplication.

When do D2 Groups meet?
Groups will meet at various times on Sunday afternoon and evening. The group leader and group will determine the best time to meet.

Where do D2 Groups meet?
Groups will meet in homes, at the church campus, or any other location the leader designates.

How do I join a D2 Group?
Simply contact one of the leaders below and ask about details concerning when and where the group will meet.
D2 Groups Leaders:
Colby Adams: 256 590-5430
Zack Freeman: 256 507-1609
Blake Rowell: 256 590-6191
Adam Smith: 256 962-1595